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A Kimin is the epitome of poise, perfection, grace, beauty, intelligence, compassion, and humility. Nothing will stop her from smiling and enjoying time with the people she loves. Whenever someone needs a friend or a sympathetic ear, they always go to a Kimin for comfort and advice. Rarely if ever are they wrong about anything, and they tend to be fairly self-motivated and independent. They also have a very caring/compassionate side with people they are close to and enjoy hugging/cuddling immensely. It takes a lot to rattle a Kimin, since Kimins generally have a cheery and optimistic disposition, not easily distracted by frivolous, cynical ramblings or entrapments. The words “super cool” also come to mind whenever people see a Kimin in action. She understands what is most important in life, cherishes every moment with friends/family, and is practically perfect in every way. See also: Kiminism (religion).
1. When in doubt, ask a Kimin to ensure success. (Scientifically tested and proven)
2. Yesterday the world tried to get me down, so I had to go all Kimin on it... and look at me now. (Pop-culture reference)
by Evidence_based_practice February 07, 2018
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