"ate it", "fucked it", "pipped it", "finished it", "smashed it", or "Did a great job".
I killed it last night.
I killed that dish.
I killed my set.
I killed that pie.
I killed that girl.
That food was so good that I had to kill it.
My job was on the line. I had to kill it.
Killed it.
This game is great! I'm killing it.
by dudafyahbox September 10, 2019
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The act of 'killing it' would be performed after a joke is being told when everyone has just got done laughing and 'the killer

tries to be funny and adds on to the joke in attempts of making it funnier. This of course is not funny, and in turn, 'the killer' was just a big buzzkill, otherwise known as 'killing it'
Person 1: Dude, Blake thinks he's so funny but no one ever laughs at him...

Person 2: Seriously, he tries to make everyone laugh, but all he's doing is killing it.
by OprahhWinfreyyy June 05, 2010
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The stongest possible form of marijuana. Usually in the form of buds.
Tre-Fo' let me get some of that Kill-Kill!
by Dillon Shore May 01, 2008
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Used as an answer for someone asking you why you did betray them while you two (or more people) where a Team in a game where playing in teams wasn't an option but you decided to be team anyways, the answer makes reference that, even being a team, at the end of the game, it was still Everyone vs Everyone, and you only used them just to achieve your goals easier via manipulation, trickery, and similar
Guy A: *gets killed by his partner while playing Skywars* DUDE, WHY DID YA KILL ME?
Guy B: because it's KILL OR BE KILLED buddy, and you FELL IN MY TRAP
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Better than dank, the cream of the crop of weed, more potent than one hitter quitter, unexplainable
I got some kill kill.
That shit is kill kill.
Can you get any kill kill?
by the_infinitesimal October 14, 2004
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to go to great lengths to get something
I'll bet he would kill for a little break from work.
by The Return of Light Joker December 27, 2008
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