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A Canadian counseling and referral hotline for youth between ages 5 and 20. It is free, anonymous and confidential (when you call, the number won't show up on most land line phone bills), open 24/7, and staffed by professional counselors who will listen to you in a non-judgmental way and offer insight into your situation. Kids Help Phone counselors are trained to respond to all types of questions and concerns, from body image to friendships, from suicide to bullying, and many, many more in between.

Youth living in Canada can call anytime (1-800-668-6868) or post a message on the Kids Help Phone Website (

Kids Help Phone also offers a community service program called Kids Help Phone Student Ambassadors, where youth are trained in leadership, public speaking and fund raising.
Whatever the problem, you can call Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868. Go ahead and talk, the counselors can only help you!

Please don't prank Kids Help Phone. Children in crisis situations are in desperate need of a listening ear and the counselors want to help them as fast as possible.
by KHP SA May 16, 2009
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a phone were you can call and get help/or is it... its not it is a a phone line were you can talk to cowncilers... but guess what you got to wait like 5-10mins before you can even get a fucking cownciller... me and my friend were going to prank call and we waited 10 mins and finally when we were conected we got bourd and hung up it wasnt worth the wait. they say you can call in emergencys but it takes to long to get ahold of anyone and bye the time you do your problem has already happend so there was no point in calling the stupid phone number FYI kids help phone is 1800 668 6868...
Example: "hey john im going to beet you up"
"no please dont" then i ran away i went to call kids help phone....5 mins later im in the trash can and i am talking to the cownciller after i was shuved in the trash can... she asked me " what is you problem john..." "nothing it already happend" "ohh sorry want me to let you speek to are head office person" "no i don......damit she conected me""
by mr.smarterass April 29, 2009
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