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One of the greatest shows ever created. It consists of a man wearing a fake orange afro kicking random people in the nuts.
(orange fro man runs up and kicks a guy in the nuts)

guy kicked: What are you doing?? Im calling the cops.
orange fro: Dude, no, dude don't call the cops, (points to the camera)......sir, youve just been kicked in the nuts.
guy kicked: oooooooh, I sure have! That was awesome, I've been kicked in the nuts!
by martimer/marv June 01, 2005
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when someone uses thier foot to crush a mans nuts, quite possibly the most pinful thing eva. although usually administered by women hurts more if delivered by a male. can snap u out of strange states of mind.
i was sittin on the sofa, i told luke i thought he was hot, to snap me out of it he stretched out his leg and repeatedly kicked me in the nuts, it was painful but it made me like him more
kicked in the nuts
by nut kicked December 05, 2007
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When a person uses their foot as a weapon to inflict damage and/or pain to another man's scrotum.
This guy at the bus stop kept jokingly asking me to show him my tits. Finally, I had my little brother come with me one day. The next time he joked around with me, I had my little bro kick him in the nuts so hard he puked! I have to say...I thoroughly enjoyed watching him get kicked in the nuts!
by jenny0901 August 25, 2009
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Halarious reality show where a man with huge orange hair runs around and kids people in the nuts. He then laughs and shows them the camera.
Johnny was playing basketball when all of a sudden a strange man kicked him in the nuts.

Check out for more information.
by Andrew Fichera May 31, 2005
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