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The Hindi word for "Blood". Unlike Damu, it would be highly unlikely that a member of the Blood gang would appreciate this word. Despite its meaning the word sounds like "coon" which has been used as a racist term for Blacks.
Young Blood: I'm 'bout to put some work in Khoon!
O.G. Blood: You one brazy kid talking like that on Piru Street. Just say Damu or dog.
Together: Pimps in Red Uniform for life!

(Hindi) "tumhara khoon khoon" ; "My Blood is your Blood"
by RSB December 09, 2006
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A interracial word meaning ignorence, Stupid, Dumb, or retarded.
Me: why this guy told me to tie his shoe.
Her: lmao he's a Khoon
by Redpeso November 14, 2018
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