A word meaning someone who cares more about other people than anyone else. Not to be used lightly. When a person is a Khodi not only must they be attractive but funny, sweet, and interesting as well. Often connected with Poojas.
legit cool bomb love pooja

"Wow, that kid is so cool! What a Khodi!"
by youknowwhobbycakes May 27, 2009
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The most amazing guy you will ever find. He sure as hell knows how to party, and is always the life of it! He dances like a god, and gets the babes. Always the last to leave, and the first to arrive! Amazing in bed, and gives the best massages ever. Extremely caring and outgoing, will do anything a friend asks him. If you find Khodie, hold onto him because theres only 1 Khodie out there!
Guy1: Hey look its the Khodie!
Guy2: God, I wish i looked like him!
by lolkhodie March 06, 2010
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