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Short for Khelsey is loving, caring, hardworking, he achieves anything he puts his mind to and won’t give up on anyone most of the time. He can make a laugh out of things at times. A Khels isn’t the first boy girls will cast their eye on but they soon realise how amazing he is. A Khels is very loyal through thick and thin relationships and he is most definitely a guy to be friends with. He is very smart and can be sporty and athletic, tends to play a lot of football.
Girl 1:That new guy’s name is Khels
Girl 2:That guy definitely looks like a Khels
by Larenzz January 01, 2018
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Straight up charming. He’s extremely cute and you will be very lucky to have him. A Khels is nice, smart, very athletic, chilled and protective but can sometimes rush into things. Regardless a Khels is an amazing person to have in your life
‘He is a Khels he is so sweet
by Larenzz April 19, 2018
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Khel is a Hindi and Urdu word meaning "game" or "sport"; as well as a Pashtu word meaning "followers of". It's full meaning is "playful" or "to play'.
Do you want Khel some football this Sunday or would you rather take it easy?

She is so Khelful...
by whitewings February 07, 2010
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