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People who instead of doing something (proactive) about what they perceive to be an issue, whine posting passive-agressive shit and long boring texts with faulty logic all over the internet.
They usually live with their mother seeking the affection of the only being that likes them.

In academia they usually are the one annoying nerd that nobody likes who usually whines in the uni's subreddit about most professors not being strict enough.
- Did you read the last rant from our favourite overgrown fetus?
- No what was it about?
- He's just unhappy that everyone got an extention to the semester project without a grade reduction.
- What a guy, he should mind his own bussiness, no wonder why his girlfriend is still attached to his body.
Hasn't he learned yet to do shit instead of practising that keyboard activist crap?
by signedupjusttopostthis November 14, 2014
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A person who posts entries or comments on blogs and video sites completely unrelated to the topic currently under discussion, usually with a political motivation. Can...and should be used in a derogatory fashion.
I think all keyboard-activist (s) need to get a life.
by wnap2003 July 10, 2008
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