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A true person who absolutely loves animals, particularly dogs. The name Kewen originated from Victorian times where dogs where particularly common. It was associated with people whose pet dogs were their absolute priority and many became beastaphaeliacs. Many Kewnens became infected due to these intimate relationships with their dogs and were ridiculed.
Oh my god, lets walk on that side of the road, a Kewen is over there looking at my dog!
by John Blackadderness May 04, 2011
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An obese big headed small dicked chinaman who commonly recieves penis infections. The Kewen likes to enlighten himself with his grandmother and always aims for top scores in class orelse his grandma spanks him.
Student : Your such a Kewen.
Teacher: "breaks down crying" Detention after school *sob*
by Grandma Kewen May 04, 2011
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