When your girl is on her period and you squeeze her so blood comes out her vagina.
My girl is on her period so I squeezed her and called her my ketchup packet.
by MEMEBIGBIGBOY October 9, 2017
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A ketchup packet is girl code for if a girl (or biological female) is on their period.
Girl: *gasps and looks scared*
Guy friend: what's wrong?
Girl : shakes her head no*
Female friend: *gasps* ketchup packet..?
Girl: nods
by TransB!tch February 17, 2020
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The act of having intercourse with a woman who is menstruating , while both partners are in a plastic bag, so that blood pools at the bottom of the bag. The blood filled bag is afterwards referred to as the "ketchup packet"
Guy 1 "Last night i totally did a ketchup packet with your mom and then hit your dad in the face with it"

by bujo March 25, 2007
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The act of wearing a condom and having sex with a woman who is on her peirod, then taking the condom off and making her squeez the menstral blood in to her mouth, as if drinking ketchup form a packet.
Ashley was on her rag and was very horny, and the only way paul would fuck her is if she agreed to take a ketchup packet afterwords.
by Druskeet November 9, 2007
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Widely believed to have been invented by Sir Isaac Newton after a detailed study of male sexual arousal, the ketchup packet involves the caressing twist of a man's testicles until they burst. Often, the scene can resemble a McDonald's after a five year old threw a ketchup packet against the wall. A 2005 survey estimated that over 9000 American males have had their testicles surgically reattached so that they could once again experience the joy of a ketchup packet.
"Hey Jimbo, this hamburger needs a little of your personal flavor. How about we bust a ketchup packet?"
by aksdhjgo;asujglksgj November 10, 2008
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when a girl is on her period tickle her pussy with a french fry and watch as she squirts blood all over your face.
Hey bro last night I performed the Ketchup Packet on my girlfriend last night!
by pussy_slapper9000 October 5, 2018
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In Business or in real life .. when people can’t tackle the real issue they focus on the smallest non issue to take away their anxiety of not addressing the real issue
Moe just couldn’t come to terms with the man going to shut down his restaurant. Every day he is riding me on not throwing away but re using ketchup packets. WTF bro!!!
by Oneyed3dguy June 20, 2021
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