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Kessa is a word that means adorableness, much like a unicorn. They become distracted by pennies, but only the head-up ones. A true inspiration, you may inspired to hug her by her sad demeanor. You might be completely shocked by her wisdom and bluntness . A complete joy to be around. Awkwardness is in their nature, but it just attributes to their cuteness.
"Wow, that's a cute cat"
"What should we name it?"
"Kessa, of course."

"It means utter adorableness."
by Cupcakesandbooks February 25, 2017
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Kessa is an amazing person, she will always be there by your side even if she is very angry at you. She can be a brat sometimes but everyone loves her. Kessa is also a very lovable, beautiful and nice, kind person.
Guy 1: hey do you see that really pretty girl over there?
Guy 2: yeah that's kessa she's amazing
Guy 3: yeah she really is amazing!
by January 16, 2018
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kessa is an amazing girl. she is one of the kindest girls out there. she is always there for you when you need help. she is such a caring person towards many people. she is my best friend. not to mention her cat, nation, is dating caroline.
kessa is cool.
by kessaismybestfriend October 07, 2018
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