This name 'keshav' makes you a one of a kind. In other words special,rare,unique. You start off extremely shy but when you get to know some one you're as crazy as them. You have your sense of style and you tend to explore. You are trustworthy and reliable like no other. You are hated for what you do because you are different and creative. he most amazing guy and friend you could ever have.
1.keshav is role model for other guys out there
by Akash_ January 11, 2018
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Originating from the Mauryan Empire during the period of 321-185 B.C.E, Keshav was used as a synonym for greatness and given only to those of high nobility
The conquer's illustrious accomplishments allowed him to be given the title of Keshav
by Historygeek19 May 16, 2017
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You name has a beautiful meaning "Krishna"
So before causing trouble to others think once about Lord Krishna 🙏
Self love is good but never be self obsessed

If you think you are the most perfect person you are absolutely wrong

Never give weird names to people they get hurt . Never try to hurt others just because you want to entertain the whole crowd.

That behavior is verbal bullying which is totally unacceptable just because the other person doesn't say anything that doesn't mean irritate the hell out of that person.
Keshav means Krishna
by TheonlyCinderella July 1, 2022
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Guys u know Keshav is a good guy for those who are good for him and he is an evil for those who are haters of him.
Its a request to all that doesn't ever try to betray him cause after that u'll be between his legs for sure 🖕🖕
Good for KESHAV= heaven
Backbiter of KESHAV= hell for u
by Uzst85sohgz74d54 November 21, 2021
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A guy who has a dick for no reason at all
Example: (me): Goddamn, is that a boy?
(Johnny): Nah, dude. It's a keshav.
by TheRodsKing July 26, 2021
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A person who finds more sexual pleasure with a stranger's wife than his own wife.

It may also mean a very vigile person who allows his wife to be cuckolded by anyone.
He is a Keshav
by fdsatrewq September 23, 2022
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