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Kenyah ; Usually a female that is mixed I.E ; white mom, black dad. Usually great with people, their bestfriends are always boys. they will probably have around 1 real guy friend, lose him, then find a new best real guy friend. Very pretty. Sporty. and is mostly found in ontario. usually curly hair and likes to straighten it. she is usually very attractive and great at talkin to guys. usually has boys who like her, and is almost never ever hated by anyone. her bestfriends always end up falling in love with her, even though sometimes she not ready to catch them. people are jelouse of her. she is one of a kind. and loves to crack jokes. she hates fat teachers. and always somehow manages to get introuble. nick name is usually ' kitty '
Whoa, i wish i was a kenyah
by Kovu123 November 16, 2010
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