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Kent Place school is a non-religious school that is only girls. It is one of the best schools in New Jersey and is often compared to Oak Knoll who are a bunch of sluts. However, Kent Place girls are the nicest, sweetest, and hottest girls you will ever meet. They don't act stupid like some other schools do (cough, cough, oak Knoll) oak Knoll are Kent place wannabes but they can never be them because they are one of a kind. Each student is beautiful in their own way and will crush an Oak Knoll girl any day any time. Oak Knoll honestly thinks that Delbarton is their brother school when it obviously belongs to Kent Place. As said, oak Knoll are Kent Place wannabes. Not to mention... Kent gets higher SAT scores and are actually attractive. Everyone knows the truth... Kent Place school is the best and not even Oak Knoll could beat Kent! 😊
Oh Wow! You go to Kent Place? You must have a great education! Unlike those Oak Knoll girls right?! lol
by Sparkling Dolphin December 15, 2016
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The 2nd best all girl school is summit. They all are Oak Knoll wannabes, and they all wish they were good enough for Oak Knoll. They try to act all sluty but the boys form Delbarton are too good for them.
Girl 1- So you go to Kent Place
Girl 2- Yea
Girl 1- Ha! I go to Oak knoll
Girl 2- (tries to act better but knows Oak knoll is better) O
by jerseyrules333 November 17, 2012
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