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That gamblin' feeling when you think you're gonna fart but you may indeed shart instead.
I had a Kenny Rogers goin' this morning but pulled through okay.

Or, my Kenny Rogers resulted in a Juice Newton.
by Spencer M. October 01, 2006
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Similar to an Abe Lincoln, but with white pubes from an older person.
I used to like giving my friends and Abe Lincoln, but now that I'm older they say it looks more like Kenny Rogers.
by Nathan Burns September 14, 2006
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An idiot that pitches for The Texas Rangers who takes his anger out on cameramen.

Also: Broke his non-pitching hand punching a watercooler.
John: Did you see Kenny Rogers going after those cameramen?
Bob: Sure did. What an idiot they caught it on camera too..
by I'm All-In July 11, 2005
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A man who pitched so good in the 2006 playoffs, it was almost unbelievable, almost as though he was cheating in some way. A man who by coincidence, had random brown "dirt" spots on his pitching hand during such playoffs, and claims to have had no idea those spots were there. A man who ironically enough during the 2006 playoffs wore a team hat with a dark underbill, while his teammates all had hats with gray underbills. Seems so odd that a dark underbill would be a perfect spot to hide more "dirt".
If we are going to win this thing, we may have to Kenny Rogers the ball.

I just went to the bathroom and dropped a duece. Upon exiting the bathroom, I realized I had Kenny Rogered my hand by accident.
by mikey10 October 23, 2006
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