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One incredible girl, she will fight for what’s right no matter the consequences. She’s a dreamer, she’ll beg for any chance to get to go out and live her dream. Piles of problems lay down on her and she will start to break down, but she’s made so many good friends to help her back on her feet. Yes of course she’ll lie, yet it’s for a good reason. Most of the time she’ll be honest. She’ll help anyone with the will of good cause and a golden heart. She’s also a fighter, so don’t mess with her. She’ll take you down anytime but she’s truly a sweetheart and tries to fight for what’s right. So many problems, she has so many problems in her life but she tries to smile through it. She’s truly breaking down and at least has tried to run or kill herself once and while but she bottles up her feelings just to make others happy.
I swear she’s trying to kill us
Don’t worry, Kendyl’s trying to protect us.
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by No name 101 April 23, 2018
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the most beautiful girl you'll EVER meet. blonde kendyls are the best! unique. smart. has GORGEOUS eyes. funny. sweet. artistic. AMAZING dancer. sexy body(especially her booty). shes got a donk. she just brightens your day. some people may think shes shy but once you get to know her you will absolutely love her. bitches get jealous of her. shes NOT FAKE. if you get the honor to meet a kendyl, CHERISH HER♥
DAMN! did you see that girl?!?
yeah shes got a DONK! she must be a kendyl
by wkjhlkcvnvkdls June 20, 2011
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Fun, loving girl. Outgoing, talented, confident. Everyone wants to be friends with her. Amazing fashion taste. listens to great music and has her own opinion on everything. really good at skateboarding. Artistic. Very trustworthy. likes very long relationships. and does just about what ever she wants because she doesn't care what people think.
Dude! have you met that new girl Kendyl?!

No, but i heard she's way hot.
Yea man, she is even really cool and not fake.
by real screaming child March 08, 2010
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The best person there possibly is. She is INSANELY gorgeous, probably the prettiest in your town. She has the best personality. She is outgoing but not abnoxious. She is super sweet and caring and loyal. She is a very selfless person with a ton of confidence. She is friends with everyone, and everyone wants to be friends with her. She is really great at sports, and has a good taste in fashion and music. All of the girls are jealous of her, and ALL OF THE GUYS WANT HER. Perfect Kendyl.
Person 1: Dude, that girl is soo hot! Ans she's totally real and not fake.

Person 2: Her name is definitely Kendyl.
by bkittyp July 18, 2012
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Kendyls are usually beautiful, artistic, and are laid back. They have an edgy attitude but are very sensitive. They tend to find someone they love, but are constantly pulled away from. Kendyls are mostly quite and don't talk to many people. They tend to also think they love someone, but their true love is right there. If you see a Kendyl make sure to make a good impression or you will immediately be put to shame.
Your as cool as a Kendyl .
Wow, your as beautiful as a Kendyl today.
Man, last night you were like a Kendyl.
by GeoMettaurbaN-George February 07, 2018
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a well fit bird yeh, also known to be attracted to guys named gavin. normally has cool best friends.
your well kendyl mate

your looking like a kendyl right now
by Gavin Mayte July 06, 2008
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kendyl loves sports and is extreamly good at them and usaly is very obnoxios and is selfcentered. she has brow hair and eyes . she is confident and smart sometimes. she has great combacks and hummer. boys love her and she has great friends she is also very pretty. boys call dibs when they see her
guy 1. she is awesome at sports

guy 2. and pretty she must be a kendyl i call dibs
by ktmkid16y December 06, 2018
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