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Japanese term for Furry. From animals with human attributes like Sonic the Hedgehog, up to humans with animal attributes like Youko-Kurama.
Mermaids & most Greek myth characters are Kemono.
by Allaiyah January 15, 2004
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Kemono means beast in English. Kemono -> Beast is the two languages Japanese -> English.
Agh, look at that kemono!

Kennedy decided to name her new character Kemono, because it’s some sort of beast or whatever. She says it’s Japanese for beast.

Wow, the Japanese language makes words so much cooler! For example, kemono actually means beast in English. Isn’t the cool!
by xxstormii July 20, 2018
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Kemono freakin means animals in Japanese language. Don't take the above definition serious.
Kemono Friends 1 (No 2 please) / けものフレンズ (Romaji: Kemono Furenzu)
by Lykios Yin (not real name lol) November 20, 2019
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