What the helvetica, your kerning has turned into one massive keming fest. What the font were you thinking?
by Jon-Kyle February 22, 2008
(n.) The result of improper kerning.

(to kern is to adjust space between characters in typeset text).
The typographer who worked on that film just pulled a keming by not having equal spacing between each letter in each word in the opening credits.
by AvsC February 21, 2008
I ' mtryingtosetspacing, butIcan ' tseemtogetthekemingright.
by TheNewWazoo December 22, 2008
A Filipino slang. Used to say when you feel okay but not okay.
by Snowman23 January 31, 2021
the best place ever. the people there are so nice the teachers are so friendly too except for some *mrs emily wong.* the general office staffs are so rude. the canteen stall 2 Maggie tomyum the best shit ever
keming primary school is so fun
by ejckakcjeb November 22, 2021
cool and hot and sexy he has a huge dick and is hot and attractive and nice and cute
person 1: omg is that keme
person 2: yes!! -cums-
by shegehkfkr May 21, 2021