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She is rational .Problably the nicest craziest person you know. She’s funny. She has a good sense of style. Will forgive you but won’t trust you the same, you have to earn her trust back.

She is super nice but if you want to be in her bad side you are really dumb. If she gets mad at you for something you did it must’ve had been a big deal.

She doesn’t carry hate in her heart but maybe feels emptiness for the people that done her wrong. She is loyal, if you tell her about your insecurities or something meaningful to you, she keeps it to herself because, she knows how important it is to you and you showed her how much she means to you.

She knows when you talk trash behind her but she’ll keep to herself, might like she didn’t hear you but nah she notice. For someone that can be quiet has a lot to say.

She has hard time trusting people sometimes and you can’t blame her. She takes time to open up but is worth the wait because she’ll love you no matter what.(Aka she’s a keeper)
Person 1: Bro remember that girl?
Person 2: Who ?
Person 1: Keiri I think her name is!

Person 2: Yeah what about her?

Person 1: She is so different once you get to know her.
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by Keiri is my crush November 28, 2018
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