The saying of the BEanhova Witnesses started in upper darby pa by Benolio saint fort and the greast dalai lima bean debo jared
by sECTED August 14, 2011
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Phrase created by RU football players meaning “chill
Hey man, keep it the bean”
by Salty pepper December 17, 2017
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A Philly word originated in South Philly by the bul name Tyheem.

Meaning always keep it real and honest, never fraud when speaking to someone about thing.

This word is synonymous with the word imma keep it a buck.
Imma keep it a bean, I don't like that bull because you always be frauding on the gram.

Imma keep it a bean, the young jawn don't look like that in real life. She be capping.
by Yeah Bul August 27, 2021
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