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1. A phrase often used by abusers or abusive systems to control their followers. The abuser needs ego affirmation so they do not merely demand compliance, but also that the follower have a "sweet" attitude. The implication is that as long as the abusee "keeps sweet" they won't have any trouble, but if they do not, there will be negative reprecussions. This phrase was used by FLDS leader Warren Jeffs with his followers.

2. This can be applied in less abusive situations as well. A boyfriend might tell a girlfriend to "keep sweet", meaning "don't get upset about this" He may not be threatening her, but the implication of being sweet instead of addressing a wrong she should be sweet.
Def 1. Cult Leader: "Keep sweet, Alice, I don't want to have to do anything you would regret"

Def 2. Boyfriend: "Keep sweet baby, it's no big deal"
by thinkingriddles November 07, 2016
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A term of endearment meaning to "stay sweet". Generally used in goodbyes.
Gentleman- "Yo bitch, I'm out for realsies"
Main bitch- "Alright sugardaddy, goodnight"
Gentleman- "Keep sweet, cutie"
Main bitch- "Oh, by the way, did you hear that Christine is pregnant?"
Gentleman- "Seriously? Because I had a passionate relationship with her last month. Perhaps the child belongs to me:("
Main bitch- "Probably. Did you use protection?"
Gentleman- "Honestly Laura, do WE use protection?"
Main bitch- "I guess you're right. Well, I love you."
Gentleman- "That's weird to say, I mean...It's pretty early in our relationship to start using a word like that"
Main bitch- "Well, I think I mean it... I mean... I think we have something one of a kind."
Gentleman- "Listen Laura, I like you and all, but honestly...I'm not sure if I can do this if you're going to be like that."
Main bitch- "David...I'm sorry, I just felt it from the heat, I mean...I am pregnant with you're child..."
Gentleman- "Firstly, my name isn't David, it's Christopher, and secondly, we haven't had sex. Are you drunk?"
Main bitch- "Wasted. But I'm being serious. I love you. And I think I'm pregnant"
Gentleman- "I gotta go. I can't deal with this...But for realsies lol, I love you too. J/klolol."
Main bitch- "Haha, david, you make me swoon. I think I just peed myself. Look, is there a stain?"
Gentleman- "Yes."
Main bitch- /cries
Gentleman- /slapsmainbitch
Main bitch- "Goodnight John"
Gentleman- "Okay Loretta, keep sweet for realziesLOLOLOLOLOL:("
Main bitch- "Rofflesaurs<3ubye"
Gentleman-" Stfu, bye baby.
by Whoatetheretard June 25, 2009
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