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A term of endearment meaning to "stay sweet". Generally used in goodbyes.
Gentleman- "Yo bitch, I'm out for realsies"
Main bitch- "Alright sugardaddy, goodnight"
Gentleman- "Keep sweet, cutie"
Main bitch- "Oh, by the way, did you hear that Christine is pregnant?"
Gentleman- "Seriously? Because I had a passionate relationship with her last month. Perhaps the child belongs to me:("
Main bitch- "Probably. Did you use protection?"
Gentleman- "Honestly Laura, do WE use protection?"
Main bitch- "I guess you're right. Well, I love you."
Gentleman- "That's weird to say, I mean...It's pretty early in our relationship to start using a word like that"
Main bitch- "Well, I think I mean it... I mean... I think we have something one of a kind."
Gentleman- "Listen Laura, I like you and all, but honestly...I'm not sure if I can do this if you're going to be like that."
Main bitch- "David...I'm sorry, I just felt it from the heat, I mean...I am pregnant with you're child..."
Gentleman- "Firstly, my name isn't David, it's Christopher, and secondly, we haven't had sex. Are you drunk?"
Main bitch- "Wasted. But I'm being serious. I love you. And I think I'm pregnant"
Gentleman- "I gotta go. I can't deal with this...But for realsies lol, I love you too. J/klolol."
Main bitch- "Haha, david, you make me swoon. I think I just peed myself. Look, is there a stain?"
Gentleman- "Yes."
Main bitch- /cries
Gentleman- /slapsmainbitch
Main bitch- "Goodnight John"
Gentleman- "Okay Loretta, keep sweet for realziesLOLOLOLOLOL:("
Main bitch- "Rofflesaurs<3ubye"
Gentleman-" Stfu, bye baby.
by Whoatetheretard June 25, 2009
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