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A Kedrick is a smart, dorky, giraffe that’s also f***ing hot. Kedrick can be snarky at times but, also can be very sweet if he wants. The floppy giraffe that is Kedrick doesn’t know what kinda of magic he has in is smile. He can be clueless at time when it comes to girls liking him but, boy he is a beast in other areas 😏Kedricks best traits are his eyes, eyebrows, & hair. Kedrick would be friends with people like a Conor or a Sawyer.
Girl one-whoa who’s that?
Girl two-Oh him yeah that Kedrick but good luck to you because he’s totally clueless about how good looking he is.
by flymetoyamoon September 15, 2018
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A friendly giant who is a really nice guy and is a ginger. You feel safe around him, and don't have to worry about him as a threat. Most ladies love him, especially the ones with down syndrome.
Kedrick told me he was going to beat me up today but he didn't.
by MasterAres November 12, 2014
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