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Keana is a stunning girl with beautiful eyes. She is short and extremely funny and knows how to make everyone laugh. She can be dangerous though. She'll talk about anyone behind their back. She is a great girlfriend though, not a heartbreaker like you'd expect. Many guys chase after her, but she is hardly interested.

Sometimes her humor can come across as bitchy and mean but she doesn't give a fuck. she lives to have fun.
Friend one: Keana was being a bitch today.
Friend two: Don't take it personally, that's just who she is.
by Youdabest January 06, 2012
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A nickname for two bestfriends athat have similar and common intrests and personalities, they like to travel to different decades, and talk on the phone for hours.
"Who's the keana in this school?"
"Olivia, and Emily."
by keanaboo0192 March 19, 2008
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Keana is a type of girl who hides her emotions and always puts on a smile, she worries more about other peoples lives and problems and worries less of her own. She may come off strong to others and seems like she doesn't need help and can deal with her own issues but in truth, that is just what she wants you to think. Deep down she wants to tell people but is afraid of being annoying or overdramatic of the situation that she chooses to hide the fact that she is in pain,
Friend 1 "Hey Keana, whats the excuse for coming late again 4 days in a row hahaha"
Keana "Slept in again, you know how lazy I am, I can't be bothered to get up in the morning"

Friend 2 " Did your cat scratch you again, why does it always attack the wrist?"
Keana "Oh, because I was holding it and she jumped off me and left a mark, looks like she loves food more than me haha"
by cup noodle August 26, 2018
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Ke'ana is a very smart girl but has a sarcastic characteristic with sarcasm but other than that ahe can be very kind and tallented.
by I'm_a_goat.17 June 02, 2018
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That girl that other boys say is hot and that she is Asian. Her mom looks like she can have a very scary side. She never logs into her current Facebook profile. You can tell how a Keana is hot when you look at her Instagram pics. You see her in Bikini's, Yoga pants, and a white painted face. You wish you could at least know her in real life. There is one Keana you find so sexy because she is skinny and can dance sexy as a Tahitian dancer. A Keana is known to be hot and you never like their personality.
Keana will always be skinny, flirty, and would need to be on birth control.
by ChristianQueen April 06, 2018
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