An amazing person inside and out. He is one of the best people anyone could ever imagine to be friends with. He will always make your day 1000x better. He is usually extremely attractive and has blonde hair. He is Perfection.
Girl 1: Hey, who's that blonde guy? He's cute.
Girl 2: Oh, that's Keagan, he's not just cute he's perfect.
by IDoNotLikeGreenEggsAndHam February 3, 2012
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The best guy in the world. Very confident and charming. People see him as the alpha in any group he is in he always stands out the most. He doesn't take shit from anyone. People who knows him will always fear him because they know he has a dark side. Besides all that every one still loves him. He is like a magnet people are always drawn towards him and enjoys his company. He is seen as a very interesting and determined person. Girls love him and often are quick to fall deeply in love with him.
Girl 1: Wow, who is that guy?
Girl 2: That's Keagan
by mark jaxob July 12, 2017
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Very stylish, hott guy usually with blond hair and bright sparkling blue eyes
Keagan is every girl's dream!
by momm June 4, 2008
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Keagan is very hot and cute, but he doesn’t know it. If you have a keagan you’re very lucky because he can make your day better within a few seconds and he can and will make you very happy and forget about the struggles you may be going through go away! If you have a keagan make sure you always tell him you love him! Keagan has blonde/dirty blonde hair, green/blue eyes, is kinda short but he is the best person in the world! Keagan is very outgoing and he might embarrass you sometimes because of his loud crazy ness but if you tell him to be quiet he won’t listen. Keagan doesn’t listen to anyone that makes something not fun. If Keagan is your boyfriend he will make sure you don’t talk to other boys and if he needs to talk about something serious with you then he will, he has no shame in talking about deep things. Make sure you love your keagan with all your heart.
Girl 1: who is that dirty blonde kid?
Keagan’s girlfriend: oh that’s just my boyfriend Keagan! He’s so great! I love him sooo much!!!
Girl 1: wow you’re so luckyyy!!

Girl 2: I wish I had a keagan!!
by Isg(2$/(1£<]*{ March 15, 2019
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Very beautiful guy but also very chaotic, he has the possibility to gave love but can also break a heart in a second because he makes people hope wit his lovely side
Girl1: who is that cute guy
Girl2: That is Keagan
by Promise🤞🏻 October 11, 2019
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Keagan is the best guy you’ll ever meet Keagan is perfect and I can’t Express that enough Keagan can put a smile on anyone’s face and he makes me very happy Keagan is super funny and super cute but he doesn’t think it Keagan is super loyal and caring Keagan is the type of guy you would do anything for it because he would do anything for you I love Keagan because he is the best
Kayleigh- oh my keagan is perfect

Isabelle- u must love him
Kayleigh- yea I do
by Kayleighloveskites July 20, 2019
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A caring and amazing guy who plays club penguin; he befriends anyone and is a blonde weirdo!
“Hey that guy is such a keagan!!”
by SeaTurtleBoi June 27, 2020
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