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Perfection. Most beautiful and outgoing girl alive. Has the most alluring eyes and gorgeous smile. Is the easiest person to talk to by far, and is so genuine. She is flawless from her feet to her ears. She is very musically talented and is very passionate about it. You cant help but feel twitterpated as she walks by. This girl never leaves your mind. This is your dream girl, only its not a dream, shes real. She is the girl that everyone wants their special someone to be. She is the girl that once you get, you never want to let go of.
Your dating a Kaylani!!?
by gumby143 May 07, 2010
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Kaylani means that you always have her when you need her and is warm, kind, and generous, but sometimes she can be a little annoying to some people but others really nice. She also loves animals and doesn't care for relationships that much.
Omg kaylani is so nice, I'm so glad we are friends.
by Lovey_dovE_bear January 01, 2017
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Loves the heart ache of a break up and has no problem with ridin' solo. In fact, she prefers it that way - commitment just isn't in her bag right now. She has so much life to live and she knows it! She isn't one to give trust so easily either. If she felt like all you ever wanted to do was get your hands down her pants or up her shirt she (like any girl) would become standoffish and communication would naturally turn dismal. In this case, blame yourself because the only thing she ever really wanted was to have felt and been respected. If you really loved her you would've used your ears first and hands last... In the end, if you're lucky, her greatest act to you will be to forgive and forget and move on...even though she's obviously the best looking, most insanely sexy, incredibly foxy, freaking smoking, and most beautiful girl you'll ever get to date.
by eat_it0917 November 18, 2010
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A total bitch!! You think she's your friend until she turns around and makes you feel horrible. You think she's happy with the friendship until she turns around a bites your ass off for doing something wrong. You probably won't know what you did wrong but you'll have done it according to her so there's no turning back. Don't even bother apologizing she's not one to forgive and forget shed one to remember and hold over your head. Don't get to close to her, it will come back to bite you in the butt.
Kind Girl : I'm sorry for spilling juice on you

Kaylani: I can't believe you! I hate you!
by fdover October 31, 2010
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