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Loves the heart ache of a break up and has no problem with ridin' solo. In fact, she prefers it that way - commitment just isn't in her bag right now. She has so much life to live and she knows it! She isn't one to give trust so easily either. If she felt like all you ever wanted to do was get your hands down her pants or up her shirt she (like any girl) would become standoffish and communication would naturally turn dismal. In this case, blame yourself because the only thing she ever really wanted was to have felt and been respected. If you really loved her you would've used your ears first and hands last... In the end, if you're lucky, her greatest act to you will be to forgive and forget and move on...even though she's obviously the best looking, most insanely sexy, incredibly foxy, freaking smoking, and most beautiful girl you'll ever get to date.
by eat_it0917 November 18, 2010
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