Kaya is the greatest person on earth.
Everyone loves her especially the boys.
She is extremely ambitious, stubborn and creative.
Also she is funny and sporty.
She is extremely good looking and especially her eyes are sooo fucking pretty.
She is the best girlfriend that you can ever have.
Boy: I wish Kaya is my girlfriend 🥰
Other Boy: Oh man everybody wishes it.
by Yves Baby November 22, 2021
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a girl that will steal everyone away from you.
hey did you see Kaya steal Jenessa's man.
by ur mom gey.com May 27, 2019
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An annoying dumb bitch that doesn't understand life. Is probably really messed up and crazy. Not the prettiest person ever if I do say so myself, but they think they are epic, which they are, but not as much as they think.
Guy 1: who's that annoying idiot?
Guy 2: It's Kaya obviously
by Anonymous_hate_writer November 14, 2020
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kaya is truly one a kind. she is big and strong. HUGE jelly donut fan. if you find a kaya, she will most likely be athletic, and smart, but you will never understand how. she is a foodie and does really crunchy asmrs. you will never do something for her without her saying thank you.
she gave kaya a jelly donut, and kaya whispered, “thank youuuuu”
by flerpyduck January 4, 2023
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Kaya is a weird person she is just bad
Micheal: look at kaya
Farhan:she smells like shart
by Jannatul June 9, 2022
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Kaya is a stunner but attitude is vile. Although she has buety she can be a cheater and once u have been with her her true colours come out. And she likes to change the tone of her voice and accent to make her get attention
Boy 1: she is a stunner
Girl 1: she is a slag
Boy 1: oh no it’s a kaya
by Kid of kid August 15, 2018
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She is a cool, clever, chill, loyal af, foxy, authentic skateboarder. Probably secretly has a voice of an angel and is wicked brilliant. Has the best taste in music. And anyone she allows in her life is so blessed. Beware though. Kaya doesn’t often trust or let people into her person life. She attracts a lot of people, including bad, so she’s put up a sort of wall. But the best way to get to her is by honesty and a pure heart if you can muster one.
Fratty dude: yo I got the hots for that chick
Homie bro: that’s kaya, you got nothing on her you h*rny f*ck.
by FDflipperoo November 23, 2021
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