a person who is amazing, their personality is bittersweet but the sweet part captures your heart easily. this type of person will always catch you when you fall even when it seems they wouldn't.
My friend kathleen, who likes to be called kathy.
by mrs. paramore July 29, 2010
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Also called Miss Wonderful. A princess in every sense of the word. Truly beautiful inside and out. Has a heart as big as can be. who wouldn't love.
Kathleen is truly the most wonderful woman alive.
by Superstar1 February 04, 2010
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an amazing friend,nicest girl u will every meet,not hot but extremly pretty,always has cute clothes, plenty of guy friends and girl friend complete oppiste of a slut but not a nerd but not wrapped up in popularity athletic,musically interested,and smart type of girl to take home to meet ur parent and has an amazing body
guy: damn who is that?!
dude; a kathleen my mom loves her
by kathleen grace gilatruit May 02, 2011
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A name for girls which means "Pure". Nicknames include Kathy or Kat and can also be spelled Cathleen.
My name is Kathleen but my close friends like to call me Kathy. :3
by Gydro October 08, 2006
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The most Amazing girl in the world! She is small yet the energy and love she brings is immeasurable! She is my peanut butter to my jelly! I love her so much! Im so glad to have met her and have her a part of my life! Thank you for being the bestest Friend! :-)
Kathleen? Yep She is my friend

I love my Kathleen
by TheMostAmazingPanda August 09, 2011
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A Kathleen is a rare and majestic creature placed here on earth by the divinity of the (rock) gods in order to enlighten the world with her supreme wisdom and fill our ears with ecstacy from her wonderous musical talent. She can play every variety of instrument (metaphorical ones included), and is friend to all variety of animal and living thing. Her beauty has been said to inspire tears of joy in all those that lay their eyes upon her. She is also part cat, and does an uncanny impression of a swan honking.
Is that a Kathleen playing guitar? She makes me want to save the world and adopt kittens!
by luckyduck654987 January 28, 2015
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A woman who has been through it and come out on top. A woman who does so much for others that she forgets to do for herself at times. The woman I wake up next to and the woman who makes sure that my every need is met. Kathleen the mother of my children, the light of my life, the only woman who has my heart.
friend 1- Dude are you happy?

Dude- Hell yeah, I have my Kathleen.
by herhusband June 17, 2009
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