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Derived from the name "Kara"

A girl so beautiful she would be considered a 137 on a scale of 1-10

A fable creature much like the unicorn, unobtainable to any man, unless you are lucky enough for her to pick you. She has a body that can turn gay guys straight and straight girls gay.

Her vagina is completely hairless and smells like nothing, but tastes like strawberries.

She has perfect large real breasts that are so perky, when she takes off her bra, it looks like there is an invisible one still on.
guy 1: Dude, i think i got a Karwa.

guy 2: your not that lucky.

guy 1: but shes hot!

guy 2: maybe a 8, 9 tops, but nowhere near a Karwa
by ben dover 93 January 05, 2012
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