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Karsyn is an Angel child sent from heaven. She is Sweet and loving and cares deeply for animals. She will grab your attention and not let go, destine to be something great one day. She is intelligent and beautiful.
Karsyn is heavenly, smart, beautiful, great destiny
by special mama February 09, 2010
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Karsyn is nice and extremely hot,she will grab your attention and won't let go.karsyn is an extremely great kisser she knows how to treat boys. If you have a Karsyn don't let her go!
Karsyn is nice, great kisser, good with the boys.
by Carson101 July 09, 2016
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A very weird, cute,and extremely beautiful girl. Has amazing body and is amazing in bed. Very talented, loves animals and is a wonderful friend. Is very hyper and gets along with many types of people., passionate in bed and in a relationship and is spunky. Sometimes sheโ€™s loud, sometimes not. If you find a Karsyn in your life, donโ€™t let her go. Youโ€™ll need her so much despite anything that happens and will be one of the best ad cutest friends youโ€™ve ever had.
โ€œOh wow, sheโ€™s so funny! Must be a Karsyn.โ€
by Allysinum March 29, 2019
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A wierd,funny,girl who thinks she is all that but really isn't. She plays and lies to people who have done nothing wrong to her. If somebody is friends with a Karsyn, you might want to reconsider being their friend.
Karsyn told me that I would get to drive in her car, but then she let Kiley and said that nobody else was allowed to drive it.
by abercrombie7817 July 27, 2009
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karsyn is nice if you are nice back to her. she loves food. she has great stories to tell. she loves to be adventurous and go places. she has a great style of her own.
karsyn once told a story that she almost ate magic brownies in jamaica!!!!!!!!!!
by randomgirl383737373773 May 23, 2019
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