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Karrah or cara meaning dear one. Fiercely loyal, honest, intelligent, sexy, mysterious, compassionate, hillarious, sarcastic, independent, unique. An introverted extrovert. She never meets a stranger. Best friend, lover and soul mate in one. Loyal beyond reason and it can backfire. She believes the best and most take advantage thinking she will never give up on them. She gives a million chances until she flips her IDGAF switch, she will ignore you to the point that u question ur existence. Connect with her mind. The most intelligent people you will ever meet. Quick wit and sarcasm will keep you on your toes and laughing until you cry. So unique, most will copy her only for her to switch things up leaving all others a step behind. U will never find another like her. She keeps her emotions hidden. She could be dying on the inside and you would never know. She is SO stubborn and loves freedom. Don't tell her what to do or change her, she will do the opposite and be gone. She has infinite patience. It takes a long time for her to get mad but when she does take cover. When angry, she will be silent so she won't say something she can't take back. Don't push her. If she does speak, it will be the cold brutal truth and you won't want to hear what she has to say. If you find a Karrah, hold on to her because you will NEVER find someone more loyal or faithful to you.
That girl is ridiculously amazing, she must be a Karrah.
Karrah is so loyal and trustworthy and that's why she's my best friend.
by Aquariuschic December 22, 2016
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A horrible person with a big mouth. Karrahs like spreading rumors. They are a Bitch to deal with. They also cheat on their boyfriends.
Karrah is a bitch.
by LexiTheNinjax May 09, 2018
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