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A girl who grows up with little in money. But lots of friends and support. A woman almost perfect. A woman everyone likes. All the guys crush on her and all the girls want to be her. She has a huge heart and always respects and cares about her friends. Even when she barely knows you.
Look at karolyn with all her friends. And none even talk behind her back.
by 1933_auburn_babyy September 04, 2012
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karolyn means womanly. derived from to route name of caroline. also means freedom and strong. usually is a nice person to ever meet, has some big titties and a great ass, and is so much fun. kids love this person and sees them as another mother.not much of a drinker but sure knows there alcoholic beverages. very artistic and a wiz kid but yawns too much and sleeps in their bed with that big ass of theirs. definitely is one of a kind and genuine person but is nowhere close to a pushover, more of a control freak. but really a fucking babee
see that girl over there, yeah karolyn, so proud of what she stands of up in life
by canadian228 March 03, 2011
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an amazing who is married to mason musso the hottest guy in the band metro sation
look at the amazing karolyn with her husband hottest husband mason musso the guy from the bband metro station
by Carolineeeeeeee July 07, 2009
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A girl with an entrepreneurial spirit and an appreciation for old timey hobbies. Perpetually upset that nobody can spell or say her name correctly on the first try.
“My friend, Karolyn, started a new business!”
“That’s her pet peeve.”
by Rosent March 08, 2019
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