a beautiful name for a beautiful girl

(n.) one of the most beautiful names a girl can have.
How can anyone forget the girl named Karms?

Man, that Karms is a beautiful girl!

I wish I have a girlfriend named Karms. She would be gorgeous and lots of fun.

Man, that Karms is so fun to be around, not to mention she's pretty too!

Damn I wish I can kiss Karms, or at least get a warm hug from her.

What's your name? Karms? That's a gorgeous name!

No girl can be compared to a girl named Karms.
by Poupy Mcpoopyson June 28, 2009
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Someone who you will want to hang out with more than once, a great friend you can count on, and even the girls will like him. Go to a party, stay home, or help with homework he's here for you.
by chrplaza November 26, 2009
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a fugly man hoe who tries to hit on everygirl!
a person who thinks that he is super cool but in reality hes a looser. Most girls fall for him because of his false appearance.
karm: that girl is so desperate.
by mahater September 28, 2009
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an awesome guy who's in the musical duo WHOKILLEDXIX and has gained lots of attention since him and Yung Skayda released the song "Kismet" in the summer of 2020
Friend A: Hey have you checked out Karm The Tool's new EP, Fall Damage? Him and Yung Skayda went off with that one!
Friend B: Nah, I'll check it out later.
by txlp_ May 27, 2021
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The love of Karma.
The action of being owned by loving Karma
Man, I wish my username was KarM<3.
Oh shit he just got KarM<3'd.
by Yellow Power Ranger. April 2, 2009
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Negative karma that occurs immediately after you have done something bad to someone else.
He got insta-karmed right after he made fun of that girl hitting her head on the wall; he hit his head even harder on the wall!
by heyyitsQ December 13, 2009
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A term used to define a mistirious looking chinese.

No one knows what he's thinking of.

Sometimes he's smart. Sometimes he's just plain stupid looking.

Known to be very trustable and too softhearted.
Look it's Lam Karming Brian !
by KiHua-Chan March 24, 2005
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