A small, big boobed Mexican!!Even though they are Mexican, they cant cook worth a shit, but they enjoy trying. They enjoy sleeping, monkeys, tennis, chic flicks, and talking on the phone with their boyfriend/friends! Sometimes she gets lazy, but when she's awake she's very loud and loveable and corney! Karla's are beautiful wonderful women who make awesome friends and have incredibly white smiles. Get to know your Karla because she will have her own place before you do!!
Ian:"Dude, who's that little mexican with the amazing smile and giant boobs?"
Samantha:"Uhh thats my bestfriend Karla!"
Ian:"Can you give me her number?"
Samantha:"Yea sure, she loves talking on the phone"
by xftyujdty December 22, 2011
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Karla is an amazing brown eyed brown haired girl with an amazing ass, she gives amazing blowjobs and likes a good seeing to
Is Karla single?
No, Karla is seeing that ryan guy
by Barbay February 21, 2017
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oh Karla, there a lot to Karla, the thing she loves doing the most is listen to the mating call of different monkeys. she also has an obsession with curtains and is always throwing pancakes at them. but other than that she is very very normal and loves to go to parties and socialise over the politics of the ham sandwich, while drinking a splendid glass of brandy.
karla:*sitting in class next to an open window* "the wind is blowing me"

person 1: "oh"

person 2: "does she even go here"

karla: *looks at person 2,* "no" *casually jumps out of the window and crawls to her car , lays on the roof while her driver named hermit casually drives away
by chickain March 03, 2018
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An independent and affectionate person. Someone who will always motivate and encourage you to be your best and will ensure you are loved. A very smart, maybe sometimes lazy, person who is cautious to not get too close to someone and possibly might hurt others by not showing the same amount of care. However, she likes to show that she cares through things such as physical touch and quality time instead of things like words of affirmation and gifts/acts of service. She almost never asks for help even if she needs it. She loves to be involved in groups of people and can be influenced in both a good and a bad way. She gets distracted and forgets easily and isn't the best at communication but she knows and will apologize sincerely for that. Can be both open to doing new things as well as only wanting to do something she is comfortable with, and also can be cold (literally and emotionally) alot and all in all she is an amazing person who loves to cuddle (but also prefers her space alot) and loves sushi, asking random questions, dogs, tiktoks, and joking alot.
Karla is a real one, a true friend and an even better best friend.
by her bestest ho <3 December 19, 2020
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Gamer roblox god and has broken air pods in her dumpster
Person:who’s that she looks like trash
Person2:oh yea that’s a Karla
by Shreklover2 April 20, 2019
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Karla is a beautiful amazing girl that likes to smoke weed and get high. She is almost as amazing as a God but not really. Her baby on the other hand is definitely a God and has the capability to drink all the water in the world but he isn’t a selfish God.
She is such a Karla, if only she were more like Joshua.
by Jawcrush March 15, 2018
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A super special girl with a lot of talent and a strong personality that will make you fall in love with her without even noticing it.

She's very unpredictable, you can't guess what she's doing or thinking.

At first, she might seem a little sharp and distant. But when you get to know her better you'll see how funny, smart and wonderful she is.

She's the type of person that will always be available if you need her. Unless you were an asshole to her. In that case, you've got a big storm coming.

And, if you've got the opportunity to be her partner, give her all your love and cuddles to her. She needs it more than you think. Do a playlist for her, draw her, sing her The Neighbourhood's or Florence + The Machine's songs to help her sleep.

She's precious.

If you break up with her, it won't matter if you start a relationship with another person or convince yourself that you moved on, you'll never get her out of your head.

Plus, you'll have to be the first one to talk -in any kind of situation-, she is not likely to approach first. Like a little scared kitten, Kotyonok.
M: You know, I kinda miss Karla
X: I thought you moved on

M: It seems like didn't
by someonewhoneedscoke April 29, 2020
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