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Kareena's are definitely the people you want to be around!!!
Kareena's are kind, amazing, radiant, elegant, expressive, nice, and overall awesome. Kareena's can balance good grades, after school activities, and a great personality. They tend to have lots of loving friends, but they can be a real asshole when they want to. Kareena's also tend to be noisy and have slight trust issues. But as long as your friends with a Kareena you'll be loved.

Did I also forget to mention that Kareena's are awesome.
Oh gosh I wish I was more like a Kareena.
by Unicorn Lover 🦄✨ March 21, 2017
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Beautiful, generous, loving, but a bit jealous at times. However, people like this usually make a good lover and a wonderful girlfriend/boyfriend.
I wish I my girlfriend was more kareena.
by wonderfullyhappy892 July 05, 2011
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Word commonly used to replace it's synonym to "Rad".
That chick is kareena.
by lemonhead January 26, 2005
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