adjnoun. 1. The departure of a person or series of persons with the quickness of ninjas.
2. Randomness.
3. An explosion with people doing Karate rocketing out.
"Are you writing down everything I'm saying...? Uh... Karate explosion!"
by Robert Akins December 7, 2004
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1.) Randomness

2.) To shit in a sack, and then hit someone across the face while making a "hi-ya" sound.
I gave my friend a karate explosion, he smelt like ass for weeks.
by HOLYCRAP March 18, 2005
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A totally sweet ninja move that basically involves a bunch of ninja-like hand gestures to distract your current foe, then a swift kick to the nuts whilst they are distracted.
(you yelling) KARATE!!!
-insert wild hand gestures here-
*you run away swiftly to avoid a similar fate*
by cooleen August 4, 2005
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