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A brown-haired, beautiful girl with a spunky and fiery personality. Laughs often and likes to have fun. Great friend and excellent person. Believes in God and loves her family and friends dearly.
I wish all girls were like Karalyn.
by K13H October 05, 2010
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A very sweet, caring girl. Very sexy, can easily turn any guy on. She's most likely to date friends. She can be the biggest brat and bitch sometimes or She may be annoying at times. She's ends up being a very cute, honest, sweet, kind, sexy, nice, great-friend girl, She likes to party sometimes but often she can get a bit too risky. She may say or do stupid stuff but she's mature.
Guy- Oh my god did you see that girl!?
Guy2- which one?
Guy- The gorgeous one out there!
Guy2- Oh yes, she's such a Karalyn!
by AnonymousCloud March 11, 2015
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Karalyn, where to even start. They are everything and anything you will ever need. Tough and cold on the outside but, so kind and warm-hearted. The most mature no matter what age you'll meet one. Difficult to get close to or make smile, but if you can cherish it. Her smile, or laugh can light up and power the whole world. as closed off as she is, she will do anything in her power to make you ok in her own, sometimes tough advice. Such a fun spirit. Someone who everyone loves, so intelligent in everyday.
Sooooo, who do you like?

Oh you don't know her name, just like the most perfect, helpful, reliable person I know. She comes off. bit rough but that's what I like about her.
Ohhhhh, Karalyn, I love her. Such a perfectly imperfect person.
by Supergay101 October 12, 2018
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