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A girl you can always count on to be there for you, a girl you never have to worry about telling your business, a real cool chick. Kapri's are athletic, crazy, kinda shy, and multi-talented. Kapri's aren't lesbians, they're strictly dickly. But anyways Kapri's are alot of fun to be around and extremely gorgeous.
Kapri you are just like madea.
Kapri when you gone txt me?
Let me get yo number Kapri
Look at Kapri calves
Kapri <3 love you
by Forever Love! July 21, 2010
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A real ass nigga don't take no for a answer all he knows is get money hands for days get bitches living that lifestyle already earned his stripes like plaid nigga all you gotta do is ask niggas body bag fuck a cast nigga
by KPBOBB June 15, 2017
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a person who has it all great looks , smile, body, seduction,
and full of life.
yo bitch that trick got some kapris to her
by Tom deweezy February 08, 2010
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Kapri is the most gorgeous girl in the world, she like one of the popular girls they every boy/girls like want she actually kinda smart but people don’t really see it she just not good in math tho lmao she don’t really show how smart she is she think she always right even if she not but you do forgive a lot even if they hurt you to the fullest she smiles a lot but inside she hurting and went through a lot but she funny asl but don’t test her she will go crazy on your ass but don’t hurt a kapri she already went through a lot and hurt she act like nothing bother her but it really does she most likely to fall in love with someone that’s a basketball player but she’s a fun person to be around so if you gotta kapri keep her 💯 cause she can do some shit that would effect your life and a good way or make you change so that’s a kapri
Omg I can’t believe kapri actually talked to me

Dammmmmnn kapri so fine doggg
by Anonymously spoken July 19, 2018
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