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A beautiful brown eyed girl that is always smiling. She has many friends but only a few best friends that she trusts. She is very athletic and a nice body to match it. Her eyes sparkle and although she may not like her hair, other girls would kill to have it. She is known to make people laugh. She is the girl that most of her friends confide in and she always has the right thing to say. Beware though, never piss off a Kanoe. She can get angry and often times holds grudges against people. SHe may seem awkward at first, but when you get to know her, you just don't want her to leave your side. She has a low self esteem sometimes but her friends know the perfect way to boost it. She gets along with Lindseys because of their similarities. They both have gorgeous smiles, nice eyes, and are really smart. They often make the best friend duo that everyone wishes they had. It is hard to find this perfect duo so cherish it when you find it.
Damn I wish I was a Kanoe!!
by anonymousanonymousanonymousduh November 11, 2012
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Fat ugly bitch with fatty nipples and a stink ass

doesnt take showers and hates her bf

shes sucks lotsa dick on the cornr for $ and spends it on more food

has a deformed nose and a fat ass
Um excuse me where's the trash?? Oh Kanoe is over there
by kelii kainoa July 26, 2011
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