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Kannapolis is a bustling city in the heart the piedmont region of North Carolina, home to the NC Research Campus, the largest nutritional research center in the world. With attractions such as the local Kannapolis Intimidaters (Minor League Baseball Team) and the local park which hosts concerts and free movies during the summer. Kannapolis also has a highly renowned educational system with the local high school ranking in the top 100 schools in the nation. Overall Kannapolis Is a thriving community well suited to all ages and families.
I can't wait until i move to Kannapolis Next Year, there my kids can have a promising future.
by Daniel H. 171717 December 17, 2010
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A small city in North Carolina, located close to Charlotte, where the locals carry a homely appearance. This city is ranked as lower to lower middle class. Kannapolis borders the city of Concord.
last night I was in Food Lion and I noticed that the lady in front of me looked unkept, almost with a kannapolis-like appearance.
by Robbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb May 24, 2007
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The place northerners hate and where NASCAR goes to make its babies. Overall a great city where you can settle down with many religous hubs such as Lutheran churches Kimball and Centergrove, and many others. Also home to the Gem Theater and Kannapolis Intimidators.
Dude, went to Kimball Lutheran, I gotta move to Kannapolis.
by rainbow trolololo April 26, 2011
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