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In football a player brought down with force within the 6 yard box by one or more players be it or not resulting in a penalty including VAR.
Commentator: "yes Dave he was quite clearly Kane'd there defiantly a penalty!"
by Ted Kirchin July 10, 2018
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Originated about ma school.Used when a person uses superior verbal wit to stop someone 'dissin' them. Used afterwards by a third party
Oh my god, u got kaned!!! Go 'ome!!!
by Jay January 11, 2005
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It's when your pullout game is strong. Referencing that time Patrick Kane had sec with a minor but they didn't find his DNA inside her because his pullout game is stong.
I was about to bust a nut and Patrick Kane her so good. There's no way she's getting pregnant.

I forgot to bring a condom so I Kaned it.
by musclelicious January 28, 2016
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Subjected to ridicule by by right-wing south Florida talk show host Steve Kane on WWNN.
Steve Kane and Brian Craig kaned all callers who didn't agree with their evangelistic Republican views.
by David Citron February 12, 2004
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To kane a car - drive the other side of light speed.
To kane a person - to almost kill them.
'Bile kaned it out of this corner and clipped the undercover filth car.'
'He fuckin kaned this cunt...'
by Rigs April 27, 2003
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