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My Hero Academia character with much self confidence, but also a bebe at times. He’ll probably kick ass in order to win any fight. He is always getting rejected by beautiful bitches.

Kaminari’s quirk is electrification; this allows him to pew pew thousands of volts from his body. After a single use of his quirk, Kaminari short circuits his brain. This leaves him to temporarily unable to big brain

It is easy to mistake shock boi for a pikachu, but we swear he isn’t. Despite his slightly perverted attitude, Kaminari is a soft boy with a very likable personality

Now to remind ourselves that Kaminari will never end up with Jirou... unless
Kaminari is absolute best boi
by høney bøba May 29, 2020
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"look im sorry i ate your food"
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Kaminari is the cutest, sweetest, hottest girl around. She has a lot of kinks and she loves to care for others. But fuck with her and she will cut a bitch.
Wow, kaminari is such a sweetheart. But only if you don't piss her off.
by Narinariland April 21, 2017
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