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Full of strength, courage, humor, beauty, and intelligence. Everyone wants to be Kambrie because she is perfect in every way.
Every girl was jealous of Kambrie.
by Sparks_fly03 February 14, 2018
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Kambrie is an amazing sporty person. Kambrie is funny in lots of ways she is always fun to be around. She might even be the most bestest person you will meet! Kambrie is awesome and sometimes cocky. Kambrie is great at sports and is absolutely amazing. Kambrie is also great in bed apparently. Kambrie is also the most prettiest and popular girl! Kambrie is probably the most best person to be around.
Kambrie - OMG did you just see that!
Person - Yes that was amazing how did you do that!
Kambrie - I don't even know!
Person - Awesome!
Kambrie - ( Doesn't bring it up unless needed)
by TommyJones_222 September 27, 2017
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She is probably one of the most kindest people you will ever meet She has a sweet soul loves all she just got judge she makes people laugh she always has a smile on her face she has unconditional love for everybody she never ever ever will not be your friend she makes time for you she’s very very pretty probably one of most beautiful people that you will ever meet she has the sweetest heart she’s beautiful inside and out and she knows how to love she would probably be one of the best friends in the world she cares a lot more than most people do she has your best interest at heart any guy would be lucky to have her she is one-of-a-kind there’s no one else like her her complexion is the most beautiful thing she is the weather to always get everybody laughing going to make everybody smile she is kambrie
Dude any guy would be lucky to have kambrie

Gosh kambrie is so hot

Kambrie is one of the smartest people I know

Gosh I wish everyone has a friend like kambrie good thing I have one

I hope to be as beautiful as kambrie one day
I love kambrie
by Jong long May 03, 2018
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