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A Greek attribute meaning "beautiful inside and out." The highest form of beauty to the Greeks; English does not have a word that conveys the level of beauty indicated when this word is used to describe someone.
That girl over there has a heart of gold and she's got her own definition of beauty. She is truly Kalos.
by strad17 March 20, 2012
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The most amazing man you could ever meet. Truly a life changing human being. The best boyfriend and best friend anyone could ever have. Kalo is the most charming, most considerate, sweetest, funniest, most talented, and completely perfect man in the world. Kalo is sheltering, comforting, protective, generous, and loving. Kalo is the most handsome man to ever exist. Kalo can make you fall in love with him all over again each day no matter how many days you spend with him, and you'd surely never grow tired of him. Kalo is just flawless. You may say he has flaws, but they aren't flaws if you love them, and you will love every single thing about Kalo. Kalo does tend to fuck shit up with how adventuresome, energetic, brave, and curious he is-- but that's what makes Kalo, Kalo.
by pseudonymmanthatisgreat January 20, 2018
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ketamine halo, aka marco polo - a white ring around the nostril of one who is too munted to notice said ring, despite numerous hints from friends.
"zomg that's quite the kalo you are rocking there, marco polo. pass the muntronium. kthxbai."
by liminalkid April 07, 2009
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