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A Kaloni is smart and really funny. Her smile is beautiful and contagious as well as her laugh. When Kaloni walks in the room you can't help but be excited to see her. Kaloni gives amazing hugs. Feel free to tease kaloni when its right.....Don't worry, she'll dish it back. Kaloni makes a great best friend who while dealing with her own life stresses will always help you feel better. Kaloni is a beautiful girl with an amazing smile and personality. You should always keep a Kaloni around.

Kalonis are AKA Aca-Loni; Aca-awesome.
"Did you see that Kaloni?"
"Yea she's Aca-awesome!"

"No.....She's Aca-Loni!!"
by Aca-Who? January 22, 2013
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Kaloni is an amazing, warm hearted, shy, underestimated person. You can try to pry your way into Kaloni & his/her life but you’ll fail, why?? because, Kaloni is great at hiding his/her secrets so while thinking you’ve made your way into Kalonis life in reality you haven’t....Lol!!! But when you do make your way into Kalonis life you’ll find out that he/she is very dramatic, extra, feminine, smiley, joyful, loud, observing & more. It’s takes a while to piss Kaloni off because he/she have a hell of a lot of patience but when you piss him/her off just know it won’t stop until Kaloni stops it PERIODT. He/she also play hard to get so try your best & don’t try to play him/her because he/she is a game master.
I’m gonna pyo {put you on} with my friend Kaloni but he/she be playing but he/she gotta big heart

Kaloni a bad ass bitch periodt

You should fw Kaloni he/she mad goofy frfr
by Geolamd December 09, 2018
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