A mysterius hunk of brown meat, on a stick or in a bowl, often serverd with a crab drink of mountain drew.
Kalkalash, you buy you buy!!!!
by Fucktard August 7, 2004
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A meat (some say corned beef) mixed with mashed potato and a sprinkling of cheese roasted for about 10 minutes and served with stuffed marrow
by Iron chowder August 2, 2009
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a type of food dat looks like poopie and is sold by a foreigner on th corner of a street
who wants kalkalash? kalkalash? anybody? no? kalkalash on a steek? y wont u buy my kalkalash?
by i_eat_ur_sheet_4_dinner August 5, 2004
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the indian word for the male reproductive organ "penis"
Arrrrrggggghhhhh why is my kalkalash so small???
by Lachlan Podgerina November 27, 2005
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