Kalina Is So Beautiful. She can Be shy at first and not want to interact much but out side of school this girl is much fun and can put a smile on you're face. She's very girly and you'll find her wearing pink often. Girls get jealous, but boys chase. She isn't the best at advice but helping you with with relationship advice she's golden. She never wants her friends to feel down because she feels the pain you feel. A kalina is a very empathetic person. Kalina is very unique and has beautiful talent . There Is No Other Like Kalina
I love my Kalina, she's the best .
by Tyler167396 March 14, 2017
Kalina is one of the most beautiful girls you'll ever meet. She is strong, independent and filled with talent! This name is not rare, but she is rare at heart. Everyone's should treasure Kalina because she loves everyone!
"Kalina, you're so sweet!"
by Daddiazi February 4, 2017
Kalina is amazing and awesome. She is perfect in every way and is very nice. She is caring and the most beautiful girl ever. She has a great sense of humor. She is very perfect and pretty.
That Kalina is perfect
by Awetzbdjsn February 7, 2019
Kalina is the best friend you could ever ask for. She is very athletic and smart, most likely gifted, with a very logical and organized mind. She may be short, but don’t underestimate her: she is great at martial arts and will beat the crap out of you. She has many interests, such as baking, music, drama, art, just to name a few. She LOVES cats, and will likely adorn her room with all kinds of cat decor. When you are down, Kalina will pull you right back up and push you past your limits, but you will thank her later. Kalina is just great.
Dude #1: Dude, look how short she is! I bet she runs soooo slow!
*Kalina runs up and beats the crap out of him*
Dude #2: Dude, I told you not to mess with Kalina!
by Meowthra February 16, 2019
A beautiful woman who is smart, responsible, and loving to all.
When Eminem said there aint no such thing as a female with good looks who cooks and cleans, he didn't know of my Kalina.
by JKLMNOPQRSTUVW December 2, 2009
Someone who is random, funny, smart, and someone who has a very funny laugh. She is someone who you need to get to know first. She is also very smart and someone who you can count on! :)
Wow, I didn't know how random Kalina was until I met her!
by misffitt February 14, 2010
She’s one of the kindest girls out there. She does EVERYTHING for her friends and asks for nothing in return. She’s so pretty on the inside and on the outside. She is always so underrated. A Kalina is always very intelligent. They don’t do anything that everyone does unless they want to. They deserve to be treated with care and love.
A: Man whose that girl?
B: that’s Kalina...she isn’t that sexy
A: um sorry bro don’t you see her smile... she is shining like a star in the middle of the day..
by ShiningSmile101 August 6, 2019