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Kalim is an amazing, tall, smart, attractive guy who usually has light hair, tanned skin, has abs, sexy as hell and good at every sport.

Kalim is also the most bubbly, cute, gorgeous, sweet and caring person you will ever meet and is very funny and fun to be around with.

Kalim has good taste in music, clothes and more, he also has alot of friends and all girls want him, once you have him, never let him go or you will regret it and will want him back so bad!!

Kalim is that guy that you would see alot of times but still make you have butterflies, go crazy with your heart pounding off your chest by his irresisrable contageous smile and those sexy blue eyes of his shining; making you wanna have his body wrapped around yours with you kissing him and never wanna let go<3<3

Kalim, not like all the other guys, has respect for women and treats that one girl he loves like a queen. Anyone is very lucky to have him.
Omg I love Kalim so muchh!!<3
by #yoloswaag September 09, 2013
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