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A Kalam can be a very nice and kind person but if you treat a Kalam wrong it will take him time to recover. A Kalam can be the most sweetest boyfriends in the world and he wont stop liking a girl until he has that girl in his arms. Kalam's can be great best friends but some times he just needs some time to think by him self. if you have a Kalam as your boyfriend or even just a friend keep him close and don't let go because one day you will need him to be by your side. A Kalam is really helpful and its nice sometimes just to sit there and tell him all your emotions.
"Kalam and I are friends again, i'm so happy" - Kalam's best friend
"i never thought he would forgive you," - Kalam's not so kind friend

"Just get to know him and you wont be able to live without him" - Kalam's best friend.
by Danielle Wonder September 11, 2018
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Kalam is the most hardworking and determined person. He is the most reliable person, Just like a banyan tree or a father like figure.

On the other side he is very loyal and romantic with his only lifetime partner. He is a sex god and a great seducer.
If you are a one woman man then you are a kalam.
by Vishakha July 20, 2016
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